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VR Mecha Fighter IronPower Punches Its Way Into Early Access

Duke it out with giant robot on HTC Vive.

Giant robots. You just can’t beat ’em. Except with another big, giant, humongous mecha – and that makes them cool.

If you’ve grown up over the last thirty years or so you couldn’t help but come across them somewhere. Whether it is Jaeger from Pacific Rim, a zord from Power Rangers, Mazinger Z, a Guymelef, an Aestivalis, an Evangelion (ok, that’s not actually a robot exactly, but still classified as a mecha), a Veritech fighter, a Gundam – even a Transformer.

There’s a hunger for giant robot videogames out there, with franchises such as Titanfall and older offerings such as SEGA‘s Virtual-On still having many fans. There are existing virtual reality (VR) titles too, such as 100FT Robot Golf and VRobot as well as experiences relating to anime series such as the aforementioned Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam already having caught the imagination.

A new mecha-related title has just been placed into Early Access on Steam however, in the form of IronPower, a videogame developed and published by Duang Network.  The title sees you being able to first customise then pilot your mecha in a variety of battles and missions, depending upon your preference, in battles more akin to those in the robot boxing film Real Steel.

Currently available for £13.49 (GBP) as part of a special promotion on Steam until 4th October 2017, down 10% from its usual price of £14.99. IronPower offers support for the HTC Vive and you can see a trailer for it below. Expect further updates on the title as things develop.


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