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VRNISH Publishes White Paper On Location-Based VR

The white paper report is available for free download on VRNISH website.

Several companies and brands have already begun to see the potential available in location-based virtual reality (VR) experiences and facilities. Some high-profile entertainment companies have begun to invest in this area, including SEGA, HTC and IMAX. VRNISH, a directory of location-based VR centres, has now published a white paper report about the emergence of location-based VR entertainment.

VRNISH was launched earlier this year to provide a resource to catalogue the locations of various location-based VR centres around the world. Since that launch VRNISH has been researching the emerging Location-based entertainment scene, speaking to various operators, content creators, hardware manufacturers as well as studying articles and other white papers published by other organisations.

The white paper aims to explain the current state of the VR industry, specifically the location-based Vr market. Its goal is to provide in-depth analysis of the challenges faced in the industry as well as the opportunities afforded by the technology and its ongoing development.

“When we launched VRNISH, in June 2017, we were driven by a strong belief: VR locations have a pivotal role to play in evolving VR from a cool but nascent tech novelty to a mass-market entertainment platform. This belief is now shared by the vast majority of the VR community”, says Bertrand Wolff, co-founder of VRNISH.

The white paper, titled ‘VR Location-Based Entertainment: The Catalyst of VR?’ can be downloaded for free from the VRNISH website by filling in a short form. A PDF copy of the paper will then be sent to you.

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