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Yulio Technologies Launches Heat Mapping for Gaze Tracking in VR

Gaze tracking combined with heat-mapping in VR allows for more accurate pictures of user interest and attention.

In design, it is important to know what catches a user’s attention, and identify if it is a good or bad type of attention. A new tool by Yulio Technolgies for eye-tracking in virtual reality (VR) can give companies new insight into this using heat map analytics.

Heat mapping has been used before, usually involving mapping mouse movement on websites, and assuming that the mouse pointer will rest on areas of interest. Heat mapping coupled with gaze tracking allows researchers to gather a more accurate picture. Since a 360-degree video lets users explore however they wish, this can give a better indication as to audience behaviour and interests.

In the areas of design, architecture and retail, being able to accurately track what catches a viewer’s attention can be key to creating functional design, taking into account factors such as sight lines and branding. This also enhances user feedback, so clients and customers expressing concern that a certain object is distracting or out of place, businesses will be able to identify the object in question.

Yulio Technologies have used an example of an office space created in VR along with a heat map overlay to demonstrate what users were looking at. Yulio say that the technology allows for architects, interior designers and construction firms, among others, to convert 2D designs created in CAD programs such as Sketchup, Revit or 3DSMax to be converted into VR experiences which can then be analysed using Yulio’s cloud-based platform.

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