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3dRudder Receives Permanent Price Reduction to $139

3dRudder also has the $179 Business Edition model.

One of the more unique and original controllers for virtual reality (VR) experiences comes from French company 3dRudder with its foot-based controller of the same name. Since its launch back in 2016 3dRudder has retailed for $179 USD/ €139 EUR. Now the company has announced a permanent price drop of $40/€40, bringing the retail price down to $139/€139.

VRFocus has covered 3dRudder plenty of times in the past due to the way it allows players to remain seated in a VR videogame whilst being able to move about as if they’re standing up. So while you can use Oculus Touch or HTC Vive’s motion controllers for grabbing, interacting with items or shooting, 3dRudder enables you to walk, run, hover, swim, or control vehicles such as aircraft all with your feet.

The system has been designed to make VR gameplay more comfortable for those that can only use teleportation, so they can now use smooth locomotion settings in titles that’ll allow it.

3dRudder is compatible with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive experiences purchased through Steam.

New recent updates include: Unleashed Mode, created to aid room-scale experiences – or more accurately players who’re in small, confined spaces; Unreal Engine 4 VR Editor navigation aiding developers working with the videogame engine; and 2-keys mapping for when certain titles have two keys for similar actions, such as one to run and one to walk.

Alongside the consumer edition $139 model, 3dRudder also has the $179 Business Edition, dedicated to developers or companies that have a professional use of VR: it gives access to SDK’s and games engines resources, and provides dedicated support for integration.

3dRudder is available directly through the company’s website. For any further updates or announcements, keep reading VRFocus.

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