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AxonVR Rebrands as HaptX and announces Haptic Gloves

HaptX first product, HaptX Gloves will begun distribution in 2018.

AxonVR have previously been involved in virtual reality (VR) technology with its patents for wearable haptic technology for interfacing with VR. The copmany has now rebranded and announced a new line of haptic gloves.

AxonVR have officially rebranded at HaptX, and has announced its first product, the HaptX Gloves, haptic wearable devices that allow VR users to experience realistic tactile feedback. The gloves feature over 100 points of tactile feedback, and are capable of up to five pounds of resistance per finger, with sub-millimetre motion tracking.

“HaptX Gloves are the result of years of research and development in haptic technology,” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO, HaptX Inc. “What really sets HaptX Gloves apart is the unprecedented realism they deliver. Our patented microfluidic technology physically displaces the skin the same way a real object would when touched, closely replicating its texture, shape, and movement.”

“We’ve reviewed the wearable haptic solutions out there, and the HaptX prototype provides the most realistic feedback by far,” said Dr. Jeremy Fishel, Chief Technology Officer of SynTouch, the leading tactile evaluation company. “HaptX marks a fundamental breakthrough in our industry’s ability to simulate touch.”

“Enterprise and entertainment users require a higher level of immersion than today’s VR controllers can deliver,” said Joe Michaels, Chief Revenue Officer at HaptX. “HaptX Gloves will allow our customers to get more out of their VR applications—whether they’re administering virtual training, designing three-dimensional objects, or developing a VR game.”

“This name change reflects our company’s dedication to delivering realistic touch through advanced haptic technology,” added Rubin. “HaptX Gloves are a huge step toward our long-term goal to deliver a full-body haptic platform, ushering in a world where virtual reality is indistinguishable from real life.”

HaptX Gloves are planned to begin shipping to certain selected customers in 2018.

VRFocus will bring you further information on HaptX as it becomes available.

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