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Farpoint Versus Expansion header

Battle Friends in Farpoint’s Upcoming Versus Expansion Pack DLC

Impulse Gear hasn’t confirmed when the DLC will arrive.

Seen as one of the best first-person shooters (FPS) for PlayStation VR, Impulse Gear’s Farpoint released back in May with a fanfare as the first videogame to support the AIM controller. Now the studio has announced the next update called ‘Versus Expansion Pack’, and as the name suggests the single-player title will be getting some versus multiplayer action.

Don’t expect massive online battles with loads of mates however as the update only supports 1v1 gameplay. To ensure battles don’t get too lonely – running around areas without seeing anyone for ages isn’t exactly exciting – players can spawn enemy AI teammates to help them out. They can be used in both gameplay modes, Deathmatch and Uplink, the latter of which sees communication relays dropped into the play area that the player must capture and hold to gain points. Points are also awarded for killing the other player and enemy AI.

Farpoint: Cryo Pack screenshot

Both gameplay modes work on a round-based system, whereby players have to be successful in 2 out of 3 rounds on each map to be declared the winner. To ensure there’s enough variety in the maps Impulse Gear will be adding three new PvP maps (with 3 areas each) in the update.

That’s not all though. The Versus Expansion Pack will also include 15 new weapons to unlock through a Weapon XP progression system, while a Player XP progression system will feature new skins for players to customise their characters. Other extras include a Chaos difficulty for co-op playthroughs, new turning comfort settings and a crouch toggle button for when players are sat down.

Farpoint’s first DLC was the Cryo Pack with launched in June. This added a new icy world, two-player co-op as well as challenge levels to test players shooting skills.

Currently the studio hasn’t confirmed when the DLC pack will be released just that it’ll be free. When it does VRFocus will let you know.

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