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Breaking Fourth Brings VR Films To Gear VR

Three VR films, Opinions, Bro Bots and Utopia6 will soon be available on Samsung Gear VR.

Breaking Fourth have becomes known to consumers of virtual reality (VR) content as creators of high-quality VR films which spans a variety of genres and subjects. Soon those films will be available to users of the Samsung Gear VR.

Breaking Fourth’s VR productions have driven forwards the art of immersive storytelling, delving into areas of satire, musical comedy, sci-fi and drama with content such as Opinions, Bro Bots and Utopia6, all of which will soon be heading to the Samsung Gear VR.

Opinions was created as a musical satire, poking fun at current trends and obsessions, in particular at how so many people are glued to social media. Presented by musical comedy duo Bourgeois & Maurice, viewers will be in the middle of a series of 360-degree music videos that comment on our modern society.

Contrasting this is Bro Bots, a light sci-fi comedy in the form of a quirky VR cop show, with the stars being British robots Otis and Roberto, who travel across the Atlantic to join the NYPD and become embroiled in a series of dangerous but faintly ridiculous situations with a narrative inspired by classic cartoons.

Utopia6 is set in a future ravaged by war and environmental disasters. A fraction of the population can escape to Utopia6. Presented as a VR tour through the apparently idyllic city, viewers are guided by the CEO of the Utopia Life Corporation, the sponsors of the city. As the tour progresses, it becomes clear that all is not well with the CEO’s assistant, Bea.

David Kaskel, Founder & CEO of Breaking Fourth said; “Breaking Fourth is delighted to bring Opinions, Bro Bots and Utopia 6 to audiences on Samsung VR. Viewers will have the opportunity to be truly immersed in three very different worlds and introduced to uniquely different characters, from the effervescent real-life cabaret stars Bourgeois & Maurice, to comedic robot cops, and a desperate refugee in a dystopian future. Each production has been created with immersive narrative at its heart, and gives audiences a front row seat to their tales in beautiful 360-degree worlds.”

VRFocus will bring you further news on Breaking Fourth’s VR projects as it becomes available.

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