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Cartoon Short Morgan Lives in a Rocket House in VR Out Now for Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

A cartoon adventure in which the viewer can teleport around.

October’s now over and you may well be sick and tired of all the scary virtual reality (VR) horror releases that’ve happened over the course of the month – even if you’re a fan of the genre. For those after something a bit more lighthearted and child friendly, today New Zealand-based indie developer Fold Up Studios will be releasing a short cartoon called Morgan Lives in a Rocket House in VR.

A VR episode of a flat-screen kids show being made with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, Morgan Lives in a Rocket House in VR features titular character Morgan, a kid marooned on an alien planet light years from Earth.

Morgan Lives in a Rocket House screenshot 2

This first episode is called ‘Paper Pilots’ where Morgan and his best friend Elliot try to make paper planes but they can’t remember how. Their robot friend Commodore comes to help and has a few surprises in store for the boys and their planes.

While Morgan Lives in a Rocket House in VR is a linear cartoon experience, unlike other animations such as Henry, viewers have a lot more control in how they watch what’s going on. So it can be viewed from wherever they like thanks to a teleportation mechanic. Maybe watch the story through from the intended position first, then explore the area some more in subsequent viewings.

That’s not all. Viewers can also change their scale, watching the cartoon from on high in Giant Mode or how about making everything look massive in Ant Mode. Additionally, full playback control is included with pause/play, stop and scene select available in the menu.

Launching for free on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive through Steam, Fold Up Studios has created a “Tip Jar” Costume Pack DLC available for $1.99 USD as a for people to show their support if they like it. The content unlocks the ability to change Morgan and Elliot’s costumes during the cartoon, with seven different outfits available.

“The main driving force behind making this VR experience was just that I thought it would be a cool thing to try, and to see if I could actually do it,” said solo developer Peter Monga in a statement. “I’m happy with it, and people seem to like it, but it’s going to be interesting to see how the public react to it.

“My main focus is on the flat-screen version of the show, but if the app is popular I will look into creating more episodes and offer them as DLC. Now that I have experience, it should be quicker to create more episodes,” he added.

For further updates on Morgan Lives in a Rocket House in VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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