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Coatsink and Fierce Kaiju Collaborate on Secretive Original VR IP

More details will be revealed early next year.

If you happen to own a Samsung Gear VR – there are a few million out there – then you may have come across the creations of British developers Coatsink Software or Fierce Kaiju, who have created title like Augmented Empire, Esper/Esper 2 or the Viral series respectively. Well today the pair have announced work on a new virtual reality (VR) title, although they’re still keeping quiet on the details.

Currently VRFocus hasn’t been given a name for the project, platform, screenshots, story, or any of the other usual facts that make up a news article, increasing the interest in this highly secretive project.


In a statement the two studios commented:

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with such a talented team – and the creators one of our office game night favorites, Viral Quarantine. We can’t wait to show VR fans what we have planned,” said Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink.

“Fierce Kaiju are very pleased to be working with our friends at Coatsink on an all new co-developed VR title. Both Fierce Kaiju and Coatsink have created pioneering VR projects and we have a lot of respect for the Coatsink team and their achievements. We’re building something very special and we can’t wait to reveal more in due course,” said Paul Colls, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Fierce Kaiju.

Via email VRFocus tried to glean a few more answers with Colls answering some of the questions:

  • When did the collaboration begin? – We got the ball rolling at the start of October, earlier this year.
  • Is this a new original IP or an expansion/twist on another? – It’s an entirely new and original IP.
  • What makes this project different from your other VR titles? – We’re aiming to create an entirely unique experience with a few familiar touches. We’re looking at ways to make the space you inhabit and the content you play come together in ways that haven’t been previously explored. With our friends at Coatsink we’re planning to put down foundations for a new IP with limitless possibilities, encouraging the player to come back again and again to exciting new content.
  • When are we likely to hear more? – We reckon we’ll be ready to share more early in the new year, and we can’t wait to do so.

And that’s your lot. If VRFocus had to bet on any details it would be the possibility that the title would support Gear VR due to previous releases. When Coatsink and Fierce Kaiju make another announcement VRFocus will let you know.

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