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Find Real Life Prizes In AR, And Keep Thieving Hands Off Them In Snatch

£50 million in real prizes up for grabs.

Thanks to the continued developments in immersive technology the line between what is real and what is not real continues to be blurred. Now a new augmented reality (AR) videogame app is looking to blur that line even further and reward you with real prizes for your actions in AR.

The app is called Snatch. Launched yesterday it takes you on an AR treasure hunt one with a hefty amount of prize money behind it. According to the developers there’s goods worth £50 million (GBP) from big brands that you can locate on the streets of the UK. These include companies such as Nike, Xbox, Heineken, Missguided, Boohoo, Gousto, Virgin Wines, Netflix and Samsung. Other prizes such as cash prizes, tickets to gigs, holidays abroad, etc.

The app is now out following an initial Beta phase where it attracted half a million players, with a 40-60,000 daily average of active players each of whom spent 90 minutes per day.on average in-game.

Snatch uses your smartphone and transforms the surrounding area, by AR, into “an interactive playground”. In this alternate version of your location you will then need to locate and acquire various virtual parcels and packages dotted around the place, competing against fellow players in the process. Once you have acquired a parcel you need to defend it from other players – because they can steal parcels from you.  Likewise you in turn can swipe a potential prize from an unwary Snatcher. Users will need to use acquirable traps, hideouts, etc to defend your territory.  Safe houses also exist and you can check into these at real world locations, such as public houses and restaurants.

Snatch allows people to compete for real prizes, experience the thrill of winning and the illicit kick of stealing other people’s parcels. It’s an entirely new way for brands to reach customers.” Explains Snatch‘s founder and CEO Joe Martin. “It’s gamifying the whole experience and changing it: people are tracking down brands rather than the other way around, but the outcome is the same- it all leads to product discovery and brand engagement.”

Snatch is available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store now, you can find out more at the official website, VRFocus will bring you more updates on Snatch in the near future.


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