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Happy Manager screenshot

Happy Manager Will Launch Without PlayStation VR Compatibility

D3 Publisher has dropped PlayStation VR support for the launch of Happy Manager.

D3 Publisher has been teasing PlayStation 4 title Happy Manager for over a year now, with the official announcement of the title coming back in June 2016. Originally set for a release in December 2016, D3 Publisher delayed the title considerably and now will launch Happy Manager without the originally intended support for PlayStation VR.

Happy Manager screenshot

Happy Manager casts the player in the role of an apartment manger, interacting with three tenants in a first-person perspective. Players will engage in conversation and make use of the building’s facilities, such as a swimming pool and gym. Random events will also occur, depending on the relationship built with the tenants, three tenants, Shizuka Sakurai, Barbara Christine Tachibana and Himari Takeuchi.

Happy Manager was originally delayed from its 2016 launch until January 2018, and now sits with a 29th March 2018 release date. Furthermore, as stated above the PlayStation VR compatibility will not be available upon the debut of Happy Manager; instead, D3 Publisher will add virtual reality (VR) compatibility post-launch.

According to the official website for the videogame, slightly mangled through Google Translate, “Thank you very much for your continued patronage of D3 Publisher. Regarding [the] PS VR compliance initially announced for PlayStation 4 software scheduled to be released in January 2018: due to various circumstances, I hereby inform you that this product has been changed to be released as a regular PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Regarding PS VR compliance, we will update the title after the release.”

For those still interested in purchasing Happy Manager upon release, D3 Publisher has announced a pre-order incentive. A ‘day one’ edition of the videogame will include a set of three types of summer clothes, red, green and blue, representing different versions of the uniform of private Hakuzaki High School, the local school for residents of Shiawaseso. The pre-order bonus will be included as a downloadable content (DLC) package, and can be seen in the new images on this page.

Happy Manager is currently only scheduled for release in Eastern territories. However, VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other forthcoming VR titles from D3 Publisher.

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