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Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

Killing Floor: Incursion Hits HTC Vive, Major Update Released

Battle the Zed hordes in the new Holdout game mode.

Tripwire Interactive’s first-person shooter (FPS) Killing Floor: Incursion launched on Oculus Rift back in August. Today, HTC Vive owners get to take on hordes of monstrous nasties as the videogame is now available through Steam. Additionally, both versions will also get the major content update that’s now been released.

The new update includes a Hardcore difficulty setting, a Katana weapon, leaderboards, achievements, and the new “Holdout” game mode. Essentially a survival mode in which players can choose to go it alone or team up with a friend in co-op, defending a random location in one of the game’s maps against increasingly deadly hordes of Zeds in a frenetic, arcade-like action experience. The mode features six power-ups to aid players; a limited time unlimited ammo perk; Vampire, where each attack regenerates a players health; Berzerker, adding explosive damage to attacks; Zed Time, for some slow motion action; 4x Damage, for extra stopping power and finally Nuke, which obliterates all enemies.

Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

If you’ve not been keeping up with VRFocus’ coverage of Killing Floor: Incursion, players must take on the role of an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier as they team up with allies to fend off the horrific Zed hordes using an array of weapons including pistols, shotguns, blades and more. Players will be able to freely explore as they move throughout the environment, scavenging for weapons and ammo while searching for the best locations to fight the monster onslaught.

Or read up on the title with VRFocusOculus Rift review, which gave the title 4 stars, saying: “Killing Floor: Incursion’s single-player campaign is a glorious action romp that’s easy to play through in one sitting.”

“With Killing Floor: Incursion, we’ve managed to create VR gameplay experiences we couldn’t have achieved with a traditional game,” said Leland Scali, Project Lead at Tripwire Interactive. “The Killing Floor universe has never felt this immersive and we’re excited for more players to experience it first-hand.”

Killing Floor: Incursion is available through Steam for £30.99 GBP. For any further updates from Tripwire Interactive, keep reading VRFocus.

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