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More Scares Await as Interactive Horror Film Speak of the Devil Gets Release Date

Speak of the Devil features over fifty unique locations and thirteen unique endings.

Halloween may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean to say virtual reality (VR) content creators don’t have a few more scares lined up. Los Angeles-based VR studio Light Sail VR – the team behind horror opera The Parksville Murders – has revealed its next project, another horror film called Speak of the Devil, which is due for release later this month.

Infusing cinematic visuals with game-engine based interactivity, Speak of the Devil follows a couple, Lindsey and Brian, on their camping trip as they explore and trespass into an ancient ritual altar that quickly turns their camping trip into a demonic ordeal.

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Unlike normal 360-degree films Speak of the Devil features over fifty unique locations for viewers to explore and thirteen unique endings to uncover, but there’s still only one way out.

Created as part of the Google Jumpstart programme, the film will launch on Black Friday (24th November) for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

To give you an idea of what to expect Light Sail VR has released a gruesome 360-degree trailer. As you’d expect everything starts out fine, with the pair out in the wilderness for a work trip. Then everything starts to turn nasty after Lindsey starts to recite some ancient text – they’ve obviously not seen Evil Dead ­– with Brian peeling skin off his face, weird horned dudes carrying around skulls appear and death seemingly awaits.

As mentioned, VRFocus has covered plenty of VR horror content over the last few weeks, being that it’s a popular season for the genre. If you missed it, check out a quick roundup of the best VR horror videogames out there in Halloween Fright Night: 5 Screamingly Good VR Horror Titles, covering all the main headsets, from jump scares to psychological horror.

For the latest scary updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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