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MunkyFun Confirms Date and Price for League of War: VR Arena on PlayStation VR

The strategic warfare simulator will retail for $19.99/£15.99.

Back in August developer MunkyFun announced its strategic warfare simulator League of War: VR Arena for PlayStation VR. Then during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Paris Games Week (PGW) press conference the title surfaced again with a new trailer and a tentative release date of 7th November. Today, the studio has confirmed that date as well as the price.

League of War: VR Arena features both a single-player Campaign mode and an Arcade co-op multiplayer mode where players face off head-to-head, with one using the PlayStation VR and the other using the Social Screen. In VR players grab a unit with a Move controller and place it on the battlefield where they want to attack the opponent while Social Screen players use a DualShock 4 controller, with the videogame launching player-selected units automatically when their charge time is complete.

League of War VR arena GIFs 01 640x360

League of War: VR Arena will turn your living room into an intense virtual battlefield that combines the immersion of VR with the immediacy of head-to-head competition,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-founder of MunkyFun, Inc. “With one player on the headset and the other playing via the TV screen, it’s a throwback to classic strategy combat where you can’t hide behind a screenname—win or lose, your opponent will be right next to you!”

The goal in League of War: VR Arena is to destroy the opposing army’s towers and base. Each commander can build a squad comprised of Infantry, Tanks, Recon, Choppers and Artillery, each of which occupies one of five spawn pads. Each unit requires time and energy to build, with more powerful units requiring more energy and taking longer to charge up.

League of War: VR Arena is exclusive to PlayStation VR, released on 7th November via the PlayStation Store for $19.99 USD, €19.99 EUR and £15.99 GBP.

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