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Blood & Truth screenshot

New Blood & Truth Screenshots Revealed

The season of PlayStation VR reveals continues with a selection of new screenshots from Blood & Truth.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) recently announced a slew of new PlayStation VR exclusive titles, including Eden Tomorrow, Apex Construct and London Studios’ Blood & Truth. Expected to be available next year, the latter has now also received a large selection of new screenshots.

Blood & Truth screenshotShowcasing some of the characters, environments and action set to feature in Blood & Truth, the screenshots in the gallery below are part of a continued stream of reveals for the videogame. In addition to the original announcement, SCEE have since offered a developer interview and some details on the gameplay mechanics featured in Blood & Truth.

Set in a modern vision of London’s grimy organised crime underworld, in Blood & Truth players are cast as former Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks. Upon his return to London, Marks discovers that his family has become involved with a ruthless syndicate and must do whatever it takes to save them. This will take Marks on a grand tour through dozens of locations, including casinos, back alleys and much more.

No official release date has yet been announced for Blood & Truth aside from the fact that it will arrive next year, however we have already learned a lot about the title. For example, movement in Blood & Truth will operate on a node system – similar to the Oculus Rift’s ARKTIKA.1 – in which the player can select between multiple locations in each environment and teleport directly to them with the hope of gaining the upper hand in a gunfight.

Blood & Truth screenshotOther titles recently announced for PlayStation VR include Bow to Blood, a multiplayer airship based experience, a port of the Oculus Rift’s Ultrawings VR, UK-based Triangular Pixels’ Smash Hit Plunder and Survios’ Sprint Vector. Also announced was an official release date for Moss, a highly anticipated platform title from Seattle-based Polyarc.

The new screenshots for London Studios’ Blood & Truth are available in the gallery below. As stated above, Blood & Truth doesn’t currently have an official release date, however VRFocus will continue to keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other PlayStation VR exclusive titles

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