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Bait! Arctic Open

Resolution Games Release Social VR Fishing Experience Bait! Arctic Open for Facebook Spaces

Bait! Arctic Open is available now as a free experience in Facebook Spaces.

During Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) last month, it was announced that Resolution Games was working on a new version of its popular fishing title Bait!, specifically for social platform Facebook Spaces on Oculus Rift. Today, the studio has launched the new entry in the series, titled Bait! Arctic Open. 

As a Facebook Spaces exclusive title, Bait! Arctic Open is focused on a virtual multiplayer fishing experience, where friends and family from around the world can now gather around a virtual fishing hole together. This can either be competitive, aiming to catch the biggest fish in the videogame’s tournament mode or for those who’re just hanging out together they can just leisurely cast a line out every so often.

Bait! Arctic Open

“Fishing has always been at its most fun when done with friends, and thanks to Facebook Spaces, we’re able to bring the social side of fishing to a virtual environment,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games in a statement. “Facebook Spaces has made incredible leaps when it comes to social engagement feeling genuine within VR. This makes experiences like Bait! that much more amazing to share with friends and family.”

For today’s launch there will be 13 different fish to catch such as the Icy Tuna, Polar Perch, Shivering Shrimp or Penguin Salmon.

While Bait! Arctic Open is playable now, other improvements to Facebook Spaces have been available for a while longer, the main one being QuillustrationsAlso unveiled at OC4, Quillustrations allows users to create not just static 3D art or sculpture, but entire animated stories that can be created and shared in VR.

The fishing title isn’t all that Resolution Games has been working on, announcing in October a swashbuckling pirate adventure for Google Daydream called Narrows. Expected to launch in 2018, Narrows will see players take to the high seas, hunting for treasure and creating their own legendary tales.

Bait! Arctic Open is available now as a free experience in Facebook Spaces. For any further updates from Resolution Games keep reading VRFocus.

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