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Windows Mixed Reality Headsets New

SteamVR Comes To Windows Mixed Reality

SteamVR library will be available to Windows Mixed Reality users from 15th November.

The range of mixed reality (MR) headsets being made available under the Windows Mixed Reality banner have opened up a new avenue for many people who might be interesting in trying out virtual reality (VR) and MR applications. The addition of compatibility with SteamVR will likely make it even more of a tempting prospect.

Windows Mixed Reality users will soon be able to access the vast library of VR titles that are available through Steam. This feature is currently only available to developers via the Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR preview program, but as of 15th November, will open up to any user with one of the five currently available MR headsets and an up-to-date copy of Windows 10.

A reporter from Rolling Stone managed to get hands-on with the new feature, and said that it acts as a bridge between the Windows 10 store and the Steam VR library. Indications are that the feature is still undergoing testing, so early adopters will be essentially joining an open beta. As a result, though most titles work well, there are some bugs and glitches that have yet to be eliminated.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset image 4

There are five Windows MR devices currently available, ranging in price from $399 (USD) for the Acer and Lenovo devices, right up to $499 for the Samsung HMD Odyssey headset. Rolling Stone reported that the Samsung HMD Odyssey appeared to be the top-of-the-line model, featuring a 110-degree field of view, a 1440×1600 resolution display and a sophisticated sound array that used phase array technology to eliminate unwanted noise. Of course, it also features inside-out tracking and the bundled-in tracked motion controllers.

There are roughly 60 native Windows 10 MR apps, but the addition of the SteamVR library opens up many new possibilities for users who wish to invest in the Windows MR headsets. It isn’t currently known when Microsoft plans on going from the semi-official open beta of this feature to a full release.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Windows Mixed Reality as it becomes available.

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