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The Cyberith Virtualizer and Oculus Rift Are The Future Of VR-based Gameplay

In a guest post Michelle Baker discusses her thoughts on the omni-directional treadmill.

Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionising technology and the world at large. You can watch movies, shows, and news immersed in 360 degrees. Videogame fans especially have found it a new way to become fully engrossed in the gameworld around them.

Using a head-mounted display (HMD) like Oculus Rift, players can view the game in three dimensions, and this makes them feel like they are physically in the action. But that’s not all, previously players could only make movements using the keyboards, pads, and mouse. Now, users can not only get immersed in VR but also make gameplay even better thanks to other control schemes designed to heighten the VR experience.

One such control method is the Cyberith Virtualizer – a controller scheme that has been developed to allow full-body motion and control. Physical movements are used to control the game, so for example, if you want to duck – you duck. You simply move your body, and the motion will be interpreted by the system.

No Pads, Mouse or Keyboards

If fully realised a controller such as Cyberith Virtualizer is going to render other accessories obsolete for those people who want to play 3D videogames. How it works is the device holds your entire body securely in a circular harness around the waist. So, you’re standing in a comfortable position, but you can’t go too far in any direction that you would ‘fall out’ of it. You can even physically run without going anywhere. For greater accuracy, Cyberith Virtualizer is designed with three sets of sensors. These help to track the movement of your body, including your feet. As a result, it makes accurate movements in the videogame.

With VR, people tend to make many movements with their bodies because they feel like they are actually in the experience. This device allows users to keep immersion high, allowing them to move their hands, feet, and body in general without looking or feeling silly.

It also helps that with the Oculus Rift HMD they have been developed to impose very little pressure on the face and eyes and is also very light in weight. You can, therefore, play for long periods without trying to stay still. Though be sure to adjust the straps until you get to the perfect level of comfort.

360-Degree Movement

The device has been developed to allow you to move in a circular motion. You can turn around, jump and run in any direction you want. The harness can easily be adjusted to allow a wide range of movements. You will even be able to sit down. This gives you the full VR gaming experience. The wires of the device are attached to the arm, and this allows you to rotate safely around it.

When using the Virtualizer with your Oculus VR headset, you should make sure you roll the strap running from the side of the head. This might potentially affect your 360-degree motions. Fortunately, that is the only cord you have to deal with. It is worth mentioning that you will take a while to learn how to use the device. Making vigorous movements will especially require some practice.

You will need to wear your regular shoes and put on the overshoes designed with the Virtualizer. It has a flat base that is meant to feel like normal walking surfaces. Regardless, this may not feel completely natural to you, especially when you need to make circular movements.

You can see how Cyberith Virtualizer and Oculus Rift work together in this clip of Cyberith playing Grand Theft Auto V.

Noise Cancellation

Immersion is not just about vision but about sound, VR is more fun if you can forget about the real world after all. That is why many VR headsets come with a noise cancellation feature. The Oculus Rift headset goes beyond this and offers a form of 3D audio. The Oculus earphones help to reduce discomfort while gaming. They are made of soft rubber material. You also have the option of using ear pads, and these are preferred if you want to play for hours on end. The headset and virtualizer can be combined to provide a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

Quality and Design

Oculus VR headsets and Cyberith Virtualizer are both made with great attention to detail. The virtualizer is made using strong steel and aluminium materials, meaning it will strongly and safely hold you in place as you enjoy the games. The headset itself is also made of high-quality materials and has a sleek and stylish design.

Cyberith Virtualizer and Oculus Rift are two of the best virtual reality products on the market. They can be used together to deliver a perfect VR experience. You will not need to use pads or keyboards for control since the Virtualizer has highly accurate sensors that track the movement of your body. I would recommend these devices to people who are interested in enjoying the full VR experience.



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