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The Quantum Storey Company Launches VR Book Series Operation YOU at Walmart

The books will be exclusively sold through Walmart.

There have been various ways publishers and developers have tried to combine both books and virtual reality (VR), to make for an immersive unique experience. Curiscope recently partnered with book publisher Dorling Kindersley on All About Virtual Reality, or then there’s Masters of the Sun graphic novel by hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas. The latest comes from The Quantum Storey Company with a new VR book series called Operation YOU.

Beginning Quantum Storey’s new category of VR books, the first Operation YOU title, Morning Nightmare, depicts the pitfalls and pressures experienced boarding the school bus. Written in the first person, as readers turn the pages of the printed book, Ray, a major character in the series, invites them to download the free app., and use the included cardboard VR headset to jump inside the story. Once in the book, readers experience what happens in the first person, as the primary character is the reader. So they’ll find themselves on the bus, having to dodge snowballs and much more.

The Quantum Storey Company Operation You image

Additionally, Operation YOU also utilises augmented reality (AR) in certain sections to bring the pages to life.

“We created a completely new and exciting way to experience traditional books by enabling readers the unprecedented ability to connect emotionally to the text and illustrations by transporting inside a virtual representation of the pages of a story, producing a visceral interaction,” says J. M Haines, founder and CEO of The Quantum Storey Company and author of the Operation YOU series. “Debuting with Walmart for the launch of Operation YOU, provides an incredible opportunity to introduce this next level of storytelling and consumer technology to children from all walks of life, bringing families of the new generation, together.”

The Operation YOU app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The flexi-bound books, printed on durable heavy stock and illustrated by the Visser Bros., will retail for $17.49 USD with The Quantum Storey Company signing a exclusivity deal with Walmart so the retailer will be selling the books at $12.24.

For further updates on VR book series Operation YOU and The Quantum Storey Company, keep reading VRFocus.

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