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The Virtual Arena

The Virtual Arena: A Snapshot Of The Latest VR at IAAPA 2017

Before getting into the nitty-gritty in a later piece, Kevin Williams gives an overview in pictures of what could be found at this year’s IAAPA event.

Deep in the trenches at the World’s largest theme park, visitor attraction and amusement extravaganza (called IAAPA), in the heartland of the theme resort industry (Orlando, FL), and VRFocus special columnist on the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) sector – Kevin Williams – gives us a brief snapshot of developments spied on the expo floor.

The vast IAAPA 2017 show floor breaks record on attendance and number of exhibitors.


Presented a brand new HTC Vive powered platform incorporated with their 4D motion chairs, in partnership with Viveport Arcade.


Demonstrated their new 4DX VR 360° incorporating the Samsung Gear VR into a unique fully rotational motion seat platform.


The developed VR flying experience makes its first appearance at the theme park convention looking to attract interest from facility operators – running on the HTC Vive.

Lotte World

An amazing mixture of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) demonstrated from the Korean based developer, representing a virtual coaster based on the movements of a real model traversing the track in real-time, powered by Samsung Gear VR’s and an amazing new motion platform.

Skyfun Animation

A number of the latest Chinese VR Park platforms start to make landfall in the West, Skyfun running a number of their VR platform for the show audience to try, running on the groundbreaking Deepoon DPVR E3 headset (seen for the first time in the States).


VR Arcade one-stop solution for interested operators available from a number of providers on the show floor – Hologate, partnering with laser-tag and escape room specialists Creative Works to provide a solution for interested buyers.


The latest free-roaming (Arena-Scale) experiences presented with VRcade Arena running on the show floor – the company in partnership with NVIDIA and HP to bring this platform to the market.


Veteran developer of their unique 360° motion simulator has revealed a brand new concept of their platform now running twin Oculus Rift headsets to supply the virtual environment, married to the extreme motion platform.

And finally, forget VR – how about actual reality! Calinfer S.A working in partnership with UNIS, recreates Atari’s PONG, using a mechanical recreation of the legendary title that started the video game genre!

This brief snapshot, of just some of the new releases on display, is intended to wet the appetite for his full coverage of the trends and development for the VR community from the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo, in the coming days.

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