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Raptor AR Smartglasses

This Week in VR Sport: 1964 Tokyo VR & Raptor AR Smartglasses

A mixed bag of VR and AR sporting goodness this week.

It’s Saturday and it’s 3pm so that means another one of VRFocus’ weekly roundups of all things virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) related sports news. There’s no NBA or NFL live broadcast updates this week, instead VRFocus has a mixture of Japan looking to recreate 1964 Tokyo in VR for the Olympics and Everysight’s new Raptor cycling glasses.

1964 Tokyo VR Seeks Photos Ahead of 2020 Summer Olympic Games

Whenever a county hosts the Olympic Games its always a major event that takes years of planning to pull off. As the eyes of the world will be on them hosts will go all out to highlight their culture and traditions to create a unique experience. And that’s no different for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, with the city looking to highlight the last time the sporting event took place in 1964 using VR.

1964 Tokyo VR has put a call out to individuals and businesses that have photos of the city 10 years before 1964 and 10 years after. It’ll then use photogrammetry and 3D imaging techniques to reproduce the cityscape in VR for everyone to see.

If you have any images that correspond to those stipulations then you can upload them to the official 1964 Tokyo VR website, along with additional information such as location of the shot, age and any memories.

Everysight Announces Price, Feature Set, and Launch Details for Raptor AR Smartglasses

It was almost a year ago that VRFocus first reported on Everysight and its Raptor AR smartglasses, aiming to provide cyclists and other users real-time information such as turn-by-turn navigation, time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power. Now the company has revealed a price point, and launch details for the new device.

The Raptor will come in three colors (all black, black with green trim, and white with blue trim) and have a MSRP of $649 USD for the 16GB and $699 for the 32GB versions when fully released. For early adopters however there are discounts to be had.

Currently consumers can register for a special pre-order invitation at the official website, but these invitation quantities are limited. Distribution of US invites will begin 15th November with recipients able to immediately pre-order their Raptor at the early adopter price of $499 for the 16GB and $549 for the 32GB. Shipments will then begin in February 2018. Outside the US, registrants in the UK and EU will receive invitations in January 2018, still able to pre-order Raptors at the early adopter price, with shipments beginning in April 2018.

“Our legacy in AR Systems goes way back as being spun of out of Elbit Systems, the worldwide defense company leader in Helmet Mounted Systems for Fighter Jet and Rotary Wing pilots. We have been working on consumer specific AR technology for more than 15 years and long before Google, Apple, and Facebook, we saw and invested in AR’s transformative potential to alter the way we receive and ingest real-time data and information from the world around us. Today, we are excited to bring Raptor to market and cannot wait to show off our upcoming product line-up for 2018 and beyond,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO, Everysight in a statement.

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