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Vertigo Games Reconfirm Arizona Sunshine DLC for PlayStation VR, Asian Launch Announced

There’s no confirmed release date yet for the DLC.

Back in July Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive announced that the PlayStation VR version would be getting some free DLC featuring two new Horde maps as well as several bug fixes. That update never arrived and today the studios have released a statement on why, whilst reconfirming that the update is still on its way.

Arizona Sunshine screenshot

The statement reads as follows:

“First of all, we apologize for the delay of the free Arizona Sunshine PS VR DLC and our silence on the topic for the past months.

“We are now ready to announce that after some challenges encountered in the development process (details on which we are sharing below) things are looking up. Both the Old Mine and Undead Valley Horde mode maps are now with Sony for approval and we are working on a swift release.

“While the maps are now imminent, we feel we owe you a bit of explanation on the development process and the issues that prolonged it.

“Horde mode is performance-heavy as it needs to run with not one or two but FOUR players at a time, each shooting with all their might at a LOT of zombies. Every additional player and every additional zombie has a significant impact on the game’s performance, and while the original Horde map works well even with four players, the additional Horde maps are much more complex and bigger and needed much more work than anticipated to run on 60fps.

“To illustrate, the Old Mine map is basically taken from the campaign mode where it was originally created for 1-2 players and with way fewer zombies in mind. As for Undead Valley, this is a dynamic warehouse with many dynamic objects, with which we already pushed the limits on PC. Over the past months, we have worked on a series of changes in order to make the additional Horde mode maps work on PS VR:

  • Overall performance optimizations
  • Art optimizations
  • Various level adjustments
  • Gunshot optimizations that improve performance of all Horde mode maps, including the original”

In addition to the above statement the developers have also confirmed that Arizona Sunshine on PlayStation VR will see its digital release in Japan and other Asian territories later this year, adding more players to Horde mode.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Arizona Sunshine, reporting back with the latest updates.

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