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Vuzix M300

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses Introduce Vuforia Support

Vuforia developers can now use an early access build to begin developing for M300 smart glasses.

As previously reported, Vuzix have had a good year, deriving much benefit from the increased interest in use of augmented reality (AR) for business and manufacturing applications. In an effort to extend its reach still further, Vuzix have been working with PTC to introduce support for PTC’s Vuforia platform to the M300 line of smart glasses.

Vuzix have long been a company aiming at improving business outcomes with the use of AR technology, an area that has seen a rise in interest with the launch of Apple’s ARKit and the re-launch of Google Glass an an enterprise-focussed solution. Vuforia is one of the most popular software platforms for AR application development, and the introduction of Vuforia support for the M300 smart glasses will make it easier for developers to create apps for the device.

Vuzix has worked closely with PTC to optimise Vuforia for the Intel Atom processor and Android OS used by the M300 smart glasses. Vuforia developers can now download the Unity 2017.3 Beta or the Vuforia Early Access release for the Vuzix M300 on the Vuzix developer portal in order to begin working on applications for the device.

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“This is an important milestone for AR in the enterprise, where hands-free devices are critical to adoption. Enterprise developers and solution providers can now develop and deploy Vuforia applications on the M300 – a proven device in the enterprise,” said Jay Wright, President, Vuforia at PTC.

“We are excited for our M300 Smart Glasses to be fully supported by the Vuforia AR platform,” said Paul Travers, CEO and president, Vuzix. “Vuforia will enable us to expand our market opportunities across various enterprise market verticals while also helping us to differentiate the M300 versus the competition.”

The Vuzix M300 smart glasses are currently being shipped to 45 countries worldwide, with plans to expand to a further ten countries over the next few months.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Vuzix as it becomes available.

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