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Best PlayStation VR Games You’ve Never Played

Owners of a shiny new PlayStation VR headset looking for titles to play should not overlook these lesser-known gems.

It’s been a good year for Sony’s virtual reality (VR) headset, a development which has surprised even Sony themselves. Black Friday sales did extremely well for the PlayStation VR, and after Christmas Day, no doubt many households are now experiencing the joy of Sony’s HMD, and also seeking something to play on it.

There are, of course, some overlooked gems lurking amongst the high-profile sparkle of titles such as Resident Evil 7 biohazard or DOOM VFR, so we’re going to take a look at a few lesser-known titles that are most certainly worth the time of a PlayStation VR owner.


Polybius screenshot 2

Polybius is a firm favourite of many of us here at VRFocus, as glorious madman Jeff Minter of Llamasoft once again delivers with this neon-coloured trance shooter that borrows its name from an infamous videogame urban legend. Polybius is definitely best played in VR, where the fast-paced action, surreal imagery and creative use of space show off some of the true potential of the PlayStation VR.


A PlayStation VR launch title, its easy for newer users to miss this little ‘violent rhythm game’ in the shuffle of newer titles. Thumper takes advantage of the immersiveness of VR by submerging the user in a world of motion, colour and sound. A decent sound set-up or headphones is a must for this title, as you swoop back and forth across the track in time to the music amidst a kaleidoscope of flickering neon colour.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

Yes, it is indeed a VR fishing game. Many people have no doubt been put off by that alone, even dedicated Final Fantasy fans might think twice about it on that basis. However, players should reconsider, as Monster of the Deep is unexpectedly absorbing, makes good use of the PlayStation Move controllers and lets you interact with the boys from Final Fantasy XV. Thus proving itself to be an excellent way to spend a cold, snowy evening.

The Solus Project

The Solus Project image 2

Humans are not built to handle isolation very well. From the very start The Solus Project uses that isolation along with a cunning use of sound, music and lighting to build a sense of unease that slowly transforms into outright terror. The Solous Project begins as a simple survival/exploration title, but as you explore the depths of an alien world, becomes something… else.

The Lost Bear

This gentle coming-of-age story can be viewed as considerably less exciting than some of the frenetic action titles in the PlayStation VR line-up, but it is nonetheless worth a look. The Lost Bear uses some very unique aesthetics inspired by Eastern European puppet theatre to spin a modern fairytale that pulls the player into the world.

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