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Co-Op Adventure Medusa and Man Coming To PlayStation VR

Medusa and Man will be showcased at the PlayStation Experience in California later this month.

Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology, one of three Gorgon sisters who have the power to turn people to stone. In an interesting twist on partner-platform adventures, upcoming Medusa and Man lets players use the power of Medusa to navigate through the videogame world.

Medusa and Man features two playable characters, Medusa herself, and her lover, an ordinary man. Though in love, Medusa can never look at her lover’s face, lest her powers turn him to stone as well. Players can control the characters, who adventure together through a fantastical virtual reality (VR) world filled with monsters. Medusa can turn those monsters to stone, or Man can battle them with his sword. Positioning of characters is vital, for if the Man strays into the path of Medusa’s deadly gaze, he too will be subjected to her powers.

Screenshots available so far show a strongly stylised videogame world that depicts a expansive desert world inhabited by monsters such a giant, terrifying sandworms and ominous bat-like creatures. Each level of the title will requite a combination of both characters abilities in order to make it through,

Two play modes are available, single-player VR experience, or a 2-player co-operative mode that can be played on the television. Medusa and Man was built using the Unity game engine, and was chosen from the Made With Unity Contest with PlayStation VR contest that took place earlier this year.

The title is currently in development, and a release date has not been confirmed, but the developer Playsim are planning to showcase the current world-in-progress build at the PlayStation Experience , which is due to take place on 9th-10th December at Anaheim in California.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Medusa and Man as it becomes available.

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