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Wentworth VR screenshot

Get Put on Lockdown with Wentworth VR

Start VR and FreemantleMedia have launched Wentworth VR, a new 360 degree drama series.

Start VR, in co-production with FremantleMedia Australia, has launched an interactive virtual reality (VR) experience based on the critically acclaimed prison drama, Wentworth. Available now, the new app contains two episodes: “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Choose Your Side”.

Wentworth VR screenshot

The Wentworth VR experience transports viewers to the confrontational world of the Wentworth Women’s Correctional Facility where they experience life behind bars alongside some of the characters from the show. True to the world on-screen, this experience is adult-rated content.

In Wentworth VR, the viewer takes on the role of a new inmate being processed into the familiar Wentworth prison system alongside Jodie Spiteri, played by Pia Miranda (Neighbours, All Saints, Looking for Alibrandi, Garage Days). Spiteri serves as the Wentworth guide, offering her long-gathered expertise and insight as you navigate the dangerous and dark world of Wentworth Correctional Facility. This exclusive viewpoint draws viewers from the 2D separation of the television show and into the world of the prison itself.

Wentworth VR marks FremantleMedia’s first step into the innovative VR space and is an official companion piece for Wentworth that mines the intense drama and confronting challenges of inmates in an uncompromising all-female prison. The series airs on Foxtel in Australia and is available on Netflix in the US.

“This is our first global foray into VR and a first for extended narrative in the VR medium so we are experimenting with the commercial model of ‘freemium’ to give fans, and new Christmas VR purchasers alike, a true Wentworth experience,” stated Zara Curtis, FremantleMedia Australia General Manager of Commercial, Digital and Branded Entertainment. “We are keeping the pricing low to prevent a barrier to entry though we are confident that people will be surprised at what the experience offers. We will add additional in-app product purchases available in 2018 to keep audiences engaged and coming back for more. We are really proud of our partnership with Start VR.”

Wentworth VR screenshot

Wentworth VR is available now on Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Google Android Devices, and will soon be available for iOS devices. The Wentworth VR app is free to download and will include the first episode, “Welcome to the Jungle,” at no cost. The second episode, “Choose your Side,” is a premium episode that can be download separately for $2.99 USD/ $3.49 AUD.

As stated by Curtis, additional content will be made available in 2018, but in what form and when this will be delivered has not yet been announced. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Wentworth VR app and future content releases from Start VR.

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