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Lions in Los Angeles Feature in VR documentary

Lions, tigers and bears in VR, oh my!

When people think of lions in Los Angeles, they probably think of the famous MGM Lion, or lions and other exotic animals who have appeared in Hollywood productions over the years. The bustling metropolis is not where you would generally expect to find a great number of lions, tigers or chimpanzees, yet many exotic animals like these are rescued from the city every year.

The roar of a lion echoing across the California mountain range is not a sound most residents of the area would expect to hear, but this is just one of the exotic animals that have been rescued from the area in and around Los Angeles by one of America’s oldest wild and exotic animal sanctuaries. A new virtual reality (VR) documentary called Lions in Los Angeles provides a look at the world of Wildlife Waystation and the important work they do rescuing, housing and rehabilitating escaped, abandoned or mistreated exotic animals.

Founded by Martine Colette in 1965, the Wildlife Waystation is located in the Angeles National forest in Southern California, setting on 160 acres of land. The sanctuary has helped more than 76,000 wild and exotic animals since it was founded, offering rescue, healthcare and a safe place to live.

The Wildlife Waystation has rescued orphaned grizzly bear cubs in Montana, twenty-four lions recovered from appalling conditions in Idaho and many chimpanzees from biomedical research centres, along with its work assisting many other exotic and wild animals, with a full-time medical staff providing around-the-clock care to its animal residents.

The Lions in Los Angeles documentary was created by filmmakers Jacob Smith and Rebecca Dienno from Virtual Vérité Productions. This is their first attempt at an original piece, and they have sought to raise awareness of animal welfare by offering a new perspective, filming entirely in 360-degrees.

The 360-degree documentary is available to view below. Further information on Wildlife Waystation and its work can be found on the official website.

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