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Microsoft Aims to Optimise MR Development With Simplygon Cloud

Simplygon Cloud is now available in the Azure Marketplace.

October 2016 saw Simplygon, a specialist in automatic real-time 3D data preparation and optimization launch its software for free to indie developers and educational or non-commercial organizations. Then in the early part of 2017, Microsoft acquired the company in a bid to accelerate its 3D For Everyone vision and strategy. Today, Microsoft has announced the launch of Simplygon Cloud on Azure Marketplace, making mixed reality (MR) content development easier, more affordable and more efficient.

Simplygon’s software has been used to optimise graphics performance across various platforms, supporting GLTF, FBX, and OBJ file types for ingestion; rendering engines including Unity 3D and Unreal Engine; and all major MR platforms, including Windows Mixed Reality, iOS, and Android.

“Historically, 3D asset optimization has taken days or weeks of manual effort and is one of the tasks that artists and developers dislike the most. With Simplygon, you can create 3D assets once – at full visual fidelity – and automatically optimize them to render smoothly on any platform – within minutes, saving valuable time and money,” said Lorraine Bardeen, General Manager, Windows Mixed Reality Experiences in a statement.

Simplygon Cloud
Top Image Before optimization / Bottom Image After optimization (rendering on HoloLens)

“As an example, the above left [top] 3D model of a couch was built with 584,000 polygons. To render this content on a lower GPU device, Simplygon optimized this down to 5,000 polygons, which greatly reduces the file size, while maintaining the ideal visual fidelity for the intended device.”

Developers looking to utilise Simplygon Cloud can do so today, as the software is now available through the Azure Marketplace. To get started, visit Azure Marketplace home to learn how to deploy the Simplygon Cloud virtual machine and start optimising your 3D assets.

Simplygon was developed by Donya Labs AB, a privately held company based in Sweden. Donya was founded in 2006 with the aim to be the premier developer of automatic 3D data-optimization solutions.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Simplygon and Microsoft, reporting back with the latest updates.

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