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Skyrim VR: VRFocus' Adventuring Life

My Life as an Adventurer: Day 2 in Skyrim VR

I have found freedom, but the world is still an unforgiving place.

A new day has dawned and I am free. A big wide world stands before me, and I can do whatever I want with it. My new found companion suggests that we should part ways and this I should head to Solitude, but this is not what I came to Tamriel for.

I take it upon myself to follow my companion until we arrive at Riverwood. After all, he tells me he believes I’ve earned my freedom and so I intend to use it. Upon entering the small mill town I meet a young man by the name of Sven, who tells me he has designs on a local lass named Camilla Valerius. However, she is already involved with an archer who works at the mill, and so together we hatch a plan to bring one Faendal down. I have never met Faendal, but it’s so very hard for me to ignore my more mischievous side at times.

Skyrim VR: VRFocus' Adventuring Life screenshot

After meeting with the local blacksmith and relieving him of many of his possessions, I locate Camilla in the store she and her brother run together. I deliver a letter which is suggested to be from Faendal and, unsurprising, Camilla is not amused. It’s only after leaving the premises to inform Sven of my success that I meet Faendal; a short, dull-witted Wood Elf for whom I feel less sympathy than I did before I lead the love of his life to spurn him. A bad deed perhaps, but one which has brought me great pleasure.

I soon get bored of these people and their trivial lives. As entertaining as wreaking havoc amongst their loved ones and staling their possessions may be, I intend to find greater fortune and set out on the road to Whiterun.

Well, I say road, but Whiterun is actually a fair distance away, so forget that. Instead I decide to take a shortcut, passes over fields and through streams. A few dead wolves and nasty fish bites later and I find myself arriving at Whiterun stables on outskirts of the city. As I approach the gates of Whiterun I’m told the city is closed; have they not heard of my heroic deeds?! Or, at least, the reputation I am somehow attaining for being a hero…

I smoothtalk my way passed the guard and I’m in. But its night time and I don’t know the layout of the city. Quickly deciding that breaking-and-entering is not wise until I’ve done at least some surveying, I decide to head up to the keep, known as Dragonsreach, and see what goodies the Jarl keeps tucked away, however upon my arrival I find that things aren’t quite as I expect.

Skyrim VR: VRFocus' Adventuring Life screenshot

The Jarl and his advisors look to me not only for information, but also for assistance. Who I am now? First a convict then a messenger, now some sort of sword-for-hire? They better pay me right for this.

After some rambling about bad guys, high kings, obtaining information, fetch quests and such, they give me the destination of Bleak Falls Barrow. And I’m off. I can’t stand chitter chatter anyway.

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