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Sports Bar VR

Setting The Table: Table Sports And Virtual Reality

Foosballzone.com’s Mark Čop likes a bit of tabletop sports game action, and VR is beginning to embrace his love.

Table games are extremely popular because they offer you a chance to invite your friends over, grab a beer and relax while playing foosball table, air hockey or even pool table. There is something about those games, where you can sit and relax, wait your turn (enjoying the beer in meanwhile) and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed.

People in virtual reality (VR) industry seem to have noticed the interest people are giving to gaming tables and with the technology constantly improving, have decided to begin to develop VR videogames which offer you the opportunity to play those tables games virtually.

For now, there are two notable titles on the market where you can enjoy a selection of game tables, although more are certainly around. Let’s take a look at them.

VR Table Sports

VR Table Sports offer you a chance to play 3 table games: ping pong, foosball and ice hockey. The atmosphere in the game is pretty relaxed. There are no crowd and cheering, there is just you and your opponent. I like the fact that you have the ability to choose so many options in the game.

The first option is obviously the game table. Before you start the game you can choose your character and the game offers you an unconventional choice. You can choose from a banana, robot, the President of the Unties States or other interesting characters. Also, before the game starts you can choose to practice with A.I. or you can play against someone all over the world. You can change the height of every game table or move it somewhere else.

Since we are already talking about moving, there is another thing you can change and that is the room you are in. You can play in the fitness room, the Oval Office or in a fancy house by the pool.  When it comes to game experience, the game is pretty decent. It has been on the market since August 2017 and they have made few updates to improve the game, especially physics on every game table.

SportsBar VR

One that’s been in the news on VRFocus recently thanks to its latest update, SportsBar VR (which used to be known as Pool Nation VR) is a virtual sports bar where you do just about anything you can in an actual bar. It is not just about game tables (even though it has them) it is about hanging out with other people and having fun.

There are four games in the bar; pool, ice hockey, darts and skee ball. The great thing about the title is that you can play with other players all over the world. You can actually hang out with them, have fun and playing some game tables. Not that that’s the only option in the bar. You can drink beer, walk around, mess with the fixtures and fittings and when things get particularly intense, you can even throw the jukebox. (Why not?)

People actually say that this game is great because you can do whatever you want, there are some troubles with the physics but the atmosphere in the bar is so relaxing that nobody seems to mind. This is an interesting social game with the bonus which allows you to play game tables.

Sports Bar VR screenshotBoth games are made just to have fun which means it is a good option to play when you want to relax or kill time. I doubt you will be able to improve your skills using the VR version of your favourite game table, but you can always try and let us know the results.




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