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SportsBar VR New Update Introduces Cross-Play

Cross-platform play, new mini-games and a host of new features for SportsBar VR 2.0 update.

SportsBar VR was launched alongside the PlayStation VR as a launch title, and subsequently ported to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The title is now receiving a significant update, which will introduce the ability for users of different platforms to play the title together.

The two developers behind SportsBar VR, Perilous Orbit and Cherry Pop Games have announced the new update as being available for download now from Steam, Oculus Home and the PlayStation Store. SportsBar VR 2.0 will offer cross-platform support along with new features and gameplay modes.

Sports Bar VR screenshot

Along with Cross-platform play, new mini-games have been introduced, such as the new Chained Reaction mini-game, which challenges players to see who has the fastest reaction times in three different game modes. Existing mini-games have also got a revamp, with new AI opponents introduced, and darts, air hockey, ramp ball and shuffleboard all getting improvements.

The new updates allows players to play eight different game modes on seven different pool tables.

Online matches are now open to up to eight players, and spatial audio has been brought in so players won’t be overwhelmed by noise, and for those who need a little more callm and quiet, a personal space bubble option is available.

For regular players, a new ticket economy has been introduced, which gives daily login bonuses to players along with happy hour multiplyers. These tickets can be spent on cosmetic items such as new pool cues, hats and table skin decals.

Sports Bar VR - checkers

Finally, the user interface has been given a makeover, with the pub being renovated and given a mini-map that makes it easier for players to find their friends. There are also new options that lets players switch a dominant hand or change cue locking style, all of which can be found on the hand menu.

A trailer for SportsBar VR 2.0 is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on SportsBar VR as it becomes available.

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