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Survios and Intel Announce Sprint Vector Tournaments for 2018 [Update]

They’ll take place in VR arcades and the Intel-sponsored Alienware VR Cup final.

Los-Angeles based virtual reality (VR) developer Survios will be launching its second title, Sprint Vector next year. In preparation for that, the studio, has announced a series of Sprint Vector tournaments which will take place globally ahead of launch, as well as a closed beta.

Sprint Vector was first revealed during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 in March, showcasing the teams new approach to movement in virtual reality (VR), a system which it calls Fluid Locomotion. The title is a high-octane athletic competition mixed with an interactive game show element. Players can race downhill at 100 mph, scramble up skyscraper-height walls, leap headfirst off 1,000-foot towers and more, whilst using the Fluid Locomotion systems simple, running and climbing motions complete the courses.

Survios is also working with Intel to integrate the company’s multi-core technology into Sprint Vector for a fluid experience.

“Survios is one of the pioneers of virtual reality technology for mainstream audiences and we’re honored to work with Intel to bring the industry-changing medium of VR to the eSports world,” said Nathan Burba, Survios’ Co-Founder and CEO in a statement. “Sprint Vector, optimized for Intel’s most advanced CPUs, will be an important milestone for fans of sports, eSports and VR gaming.”

“Intel is excited to support Survios on its new VR game, Sprint Vector,” said Roger Chandler, Director of Developer Programs and Initiatives in Intel’s Software and Services Group. “By deploying Intel’s multi-core technology with the Intel Core i7 and Intel Core X-Series processors, Survios will deliver a state-of-the-art game that fully immerses players and builds further momentum for VR as a fantastic medium for eSports.”

The head-to-head Sprint Vector tournaments are due to take place in arcades around the world, with Intel sponsoring just the Alienware VR Cup in Las Vegas. Details on which particular locations will be used have yet to be announced. And for those HTC Vive and Oculus Rift gamers interested in getting an early look at Sprint Vector ahead of launch, signup for the free beta at the Sprint Vector website. The beta is slated to start in January 2018.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Survios and Sprint Vector, reporting back with any further updates.

Update: VRFocus previously wrote that the beta would be open, but has now had clarification that it’ll be closed. Apologies for the mix up.

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