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X1 smart glasses

ThirdEye Gen to Debut its X1 Smart Glasses at CES 2018

The biggest tech show of the year won’t be short of AR tech.

Augmented reality (AR) eyewear specialist ThirdEye Gen officially announced its new X1 smart glasses back in August. Today, the company has revealed the device is set to make its first public debut during CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, next month. 

X1 smart glasses side

With a background that spans more than 20 years of AR development expertise for the US Department of Defence (DoD), ThirdEye is now bringing its state-of-the-art X1 Smart Glasses along with its AR Software to the enterprise, education and consumer spaces.

The X1 smart glasses have a 1280x720p binocular display, GPS, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass, BlueTooth and swappable 2,400 mAh batteries that provide around 8 hours of use. As the headset has been designed to be used across a wide range of enterprise needs, from industrial centers to universities and law enforcement ThirdEye has ensured that operators can use the X1 hands free.

This is achieved via ThirdEye’s Enterprise Software which consists of three screens. Looking straight ahead gives a user a clear view of what they’re working on, while looking left brings up live video and audio with a remote expert for guidance. Looking right brings up annotated AR data by the expert to help the operator achieve their task.

X1 smart glasses top

“Augmented Reality has the potential to bring a new era of interaction – whether by placing digital information into your field of view or connecting via Internet of Things,” said Nick Cherukuri, President at ThirdEye Gen in a statement. “Our integrated technologies make businesses more efficient and enhances today’s realities.”

ThirdEye also released its App Store where AR developers can submit their applications and make money.  Currently, over 100+ AR software developers are developing applications or forming software partnerships.

If you managed to miss the announcement earlier today, another AR company has finally revealed its headset after many years in development, Magic Leap, with the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Next year is certainly shaping up to be an interesting one for AR headsets, and VRFocus will continue to keep you updated.

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