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Yue Cheng Technology Are Looking To Bring Premium VR Films & Experiences To China

Bridging the gap between East and West.

The Chinese market continues to be a growing factor for manufacturers and creators of virtual reality (VR). The number of consumers of VR is considerable, and it is a number that is only growing. Especially with the growing number of VR arcades, VR warehouses and HTC Vive trying to cater to the Chinese market with Viveport M as well as releasing the Vive Focus head-mounted display (HMD) specifically for that market.

Yue Cheng Technology is one such firm trying to bridge the gap and bring content to the Chinese market, and despite only being founded this year are already growing and expanding. VRFocus caught up with Francesca Napoli, the Chief Operating Officer of Yue Cheng Technology at AR and VR on the Lot and about how they have been trying to bridge the gap between the East and West when it comes to VR content.

Yue Cheng Technology have more than 200 licensed VR content ranging from room-scale virtual reality (VR) to 360 films. Their first cinema, VR Cinema Paradiso, opened in August 2017 in the central embassy area in Beijing. The company have also become part of HTC Vive’s Vive X accelerator program.

It’s not only VR Cinema Paradiso that Yue Cheng Technology are working on. They have partnered with HTC Vive and Gome Group, to open a VR cinema chain called Gome VR Cinema across China. The first Gome VR Cinema opened in Beijing this year. They claim that by the end of 2018, Gome VR Cinema will have more than 100 locations across China. If this is true, there will be more VR cinemas available in China than there is in the West at the moment.

“We are constantly looking for new amazing content to bring to China.” Napoli says. Yue Cheng Technology want to focus primarily on VR films and not just games because they believe the VR market is missing a real cinema at the moment. Due to the firewall in China, Chinese consumers do not have access to the likes of Facebook and Google and therefore it’s hard to get good content. This is where Yue Cheng Technology come in.

With two board members having a background in CCTV, you may not be surprised that Yue Cheng Technology are looking to collect big data by establishing the Remote Control and Big Data System. This enables them to understand the accuracy of content distribution, central-monitor equipment and provide reliable data transmission for content partners. They are also able to do various forms of tracking; eye tracking (people’s attention), face tracking (people’s emotions) and brain tracking (people’s reactions). This algorithm will be capable of working on a large number of mobile VR devices and capture big amounts of user experiencing data.

Potentially using such a powerful algorithm to analyse the audience’s reaction to VR content could be pivotal for changing the manner in which VR films and experiences can be consumed and distributed in the future. Watch the video below to find out more.

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