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christophe dissaux interview

3dRudder’s Christophe Dissaux Shares the Future of 3dRudder

Nina talks to the 3dRudder Executive Vice President as he tells us their plans for the future.

We always love getting to try out some new technology and learning more from the best and brightest in the business, and that’s exactly what Nina got a chance to do when she spoke to Christophe Dissaux, Executive Vice President of 3dRudder, a company that wants to revolutionise the way we move in virtual reality (VR) videogames and software.

We first saw 3dRudder’s new Blackhawk controller at CES 2018, Las Vegas, where they received a CES 2018 Innovation Award; the third year in a row they’ve grabbed the achievement. At the time 3dRudder CEO Stanislas Chesnais said; “The new design, including leds and foot straps, coupled with the Active Dead zone functionality represents a step forward in the VR foot motion controller technology that we started developing 4 years ago and a new standard for all VR accessories.”

3dRudder already supports massive virtual reality games such as Fallout 4 VR and DOOM VFR, and with the new Blackhawk, 3dRudder are set to expand the amount of compatible software and encourage players to jump on board with their locomotion revolution.

In the interview video below Nina speaks to Christophe in person, where he holds the new Blackhawk controller aloft so we can get a good look at the new, more ergonomic design and the flashy LEDs they’ve attached to the device.

3dRudder created the very first foot-powered controller that was specifically designed for use in VR software such as videogames. He tells us that the Blackhawk is the second generation of the controller, and is intended to help players move more intuitively in VR – after all, what motion could feel more natural to move than moving your legs?

You can use the Blackhawk controller with Steam VR games and is compatible with a variety of software for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but Christophe makes a point of saying that they are looking into having console compatible versions of the controller available by Q3 of this year. He says nothing is confirmed, but clearly the company has big ambitions.

For the full interview just watch the embedded video below where you can see Nina chatting with Christophe and getting her own chance to strap into foot powered locomotion in VR. We’ll have all of the latest news on 3dRudder and their controllers as it happens, so for all of the latest news, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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