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America’s Largest VR Arena Gets Second Location, NJ and Philadelphia to Come

MindTrek VR plan more US locations which are scheduled to open in 2018.

If you’re one of the unlucky few that are still waiting for an immersive warehouse-scale virtual reality (VR) experience to open at a location near you, well, you might be in luck – if you live near New England, that is. MindTrek VR is the largest free-roaming VR gaming company in the USA, and now they’ve opened their second Massachusetts location, in the new Apex Center, Marlborough.

MindTrek VRIf you’re not a Massachusetts local you shouldn’t lament just yet, as MindTrek VR have already shared their intentions to open locations in both New Jersey and Philadelphia.

MindTrek VR’s arenas accommodate up to 16 players where users can battle with zombies, robots and more in their variety of games. Zombie Survival will have players struggling to survive, Singularity will see players navigating difficult virtual mazes, and Engineerium will be home to a digital netherworld.

MindTrek VR have already had great success in Australia and Japan, and opened their first US location in July 2017. Since then the company has refused to stop growing, and hopes its new locations will have just as much success.

MindTrek VR was founded by Brad Wurtz, David Rzepski and David O’Connor. Together they have secured the exclusive rights for Zero Latency arenas in Boston, Philadelphia and New Jersey. The latter two locations are scheduled to open in 2018. We’ve previously seen Zero Latency open arenas in Japan with companies such as Sega.

O’Connor believes in the power to make VR a multiplayer-focused, shared experience; “Virtual reality at home can be isolating and sharing the experience with a group in our gaming arenas is a real game-changer, no pun intended. MindTrek is a leader in transforming the virtual reality gaming landscape to make it a social experience.”

The game experience is altered and enhanced by on-site engineers, who can ensure the gaming experience is always comfortable and manageable for all players.

It’s exciting news for anyone in the local area that wants to experience warehouse-scale VR with their friends – it’s a wonderful gaming experience. For all of the latest on VR gaming centres opening near you, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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