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ANTVR Return With Plans For Hybrid AR/VR Headset

ANTVR plans a new Kickstarter campaign to finance VR/AR hybrid device.

It’s been quite some time since ANTVR first made waves with its successfully crowdfunding campaign for its all-in-one virtual reality (VR) headset. The company is hoping to draw attention again in 2018 with the announcement that it is working on a hybrid Vr and augmented reality (AR) visor.

ANTVR first came to the attention when it launched a Kickstarter campaign for a ‘all-in-one’ VR headset back in 2014, successfully raising over $260,000 (USD) for its device, which was able to run on a wide range of devices, not just PC but even older consoles such as the Xbox 360. After the campaign finished, little else was heard from the company, who are still quietly selling the ANTVR headset on its website, priced at $699. The company also sells inexpensive Google Cardboard-style mobile VR viewers and 360-degree cameras, with a consumer base mostly located in China.

The company is now working on launching a new Kickstarter campaign to finance a new project for a hybrid VR and AR visor called the ANTVR Mix, which the company says will utilise a newly developed optical technology that can blend light from the real world with light within a virtual environment. ANTVR call this technology Time Division See-Through, or TDST.

ANTVR say that the aim for developing the ANTVR Mix is to create a VR/AR visor with a small form factor, but also a wider field-of-view, with the ANTVR Mix aiming for a 96-degree field of view. The ANTVR Mix will run from a connected PC and work with SteamVR. The company believes that using the SteamVR SDK will allow developers and content creators to quickly and easily develop AR as well as VR content for the device.

The exact date of the Kickstarter campaign is yet to be confirmed, but ANTVR are planning on exhibiting the ANTVR Mix during CES 2018, which will run from 7th-12th January, 2018 in Las Vegas. Further information can be found on the CES website.

Further news on ANTVR and the latest from CES 2018 will be here on VRFocus.

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