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Black Box VR’s Jim Bradbury Tells us How to Get Fit in VR

Black Box VR is the future of weight loss.

Anyone that’s tried to lose weight will happily tell you that it’s not as easy they’d like. Diets are stressful, exercise routines are tiring, and the benefits take an incredibly long time to actually show themselves. But tracking your progress with videogame-like statistics using devices like FitBit have, for some people, really helped the process. Now you can lose weight in virtual reality (VR) thanks to Black Box VR, and Nina’s spoken to Jim Bradbury, Black Box VR’s General Manager, to find out if this is the future of weight loss.

The idea of Black Box VR is convincing the user that instead of going to gym or doing a tedious work out, they are in fact playing a videogame, enjoying themselves, and working to improve high scores. You can compete against friends and family with high scores and, of course, burn even more calories.

Our own Peter was also on hand to try out Black Box VR’s unique take on weight loss routines, and said; “It certainly was a workout, one that was not only enjoyable but with the videogame challenge element one that I wanted to repeat again to improve my score.”

Black Box VR also won an Innovation Award for VR Fitness Experience at CES 2018, Las Vegas, even impressing the professional judges. Ryan DeLuca, Black Box VR’s CEO said; “We couldn’t be more excited to unveil our product in Las Vegas, and proud to have been honored with a CES Innovation Award.”

Black Box VR uses unique trackers and arm shields that are necessary because working out in VR is difficult with controllers in your hands. Black Box VR isn’t meant for home use sadly, but instead should pop up in boutique Black Box gyms, but may be licensed to other gyms and manufacturers in time. You’ll be pulling against weights with variable forces being pushed back against you, and the videogame is designed to make you rest and work more frenetically at the perfect moments to give you a vigorous work out.

You can see everything you need to in Nina’s interview with Jim Bradbury below. We’ll have everything you need to know on Black Box VR and working out in VR right here on VRFocus, so if you need a futuristic way to lose weight, don’t look any further.

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