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The Inpatient screenshot 4

Enter the Sanatorium in This New Trailer for The Inpatient

The videogame will be coming to PlayStation VR very soon.

For many people, The Inpatient will be their most anticipated PlayStation VR title right now. Supermassive Games took the world they carefully crafted in Until Dawn, and now they’re plunging all of it into virtual reality (VR) with The Inpatient, a psychological horror game which will see you taking up residence in the Sanatorium and undergoing all sorts of nightmarish torment.

The Inpatient screenshot 1

The Inpatient is out this month, but before that you can get a big look at the game in the brand new trailer below, where you can see the player confronted with all sorts of hellish and threatening situations. Whether or not you can keep your sanity while in the Sanatorium is yet to be seen.

We played The Inpatient last year, and said; “The Inpatient looks set to offer an experience completely different to its predecessor Until Dawn – they’re both set in the same universe – a far more tactile tale, where exploring the story is much more key. If Supermassive Games can create an engaging storyline and gameplay to go with the impressive visuals then PlayStation VR might have another hit on its hands.”

The Inpatient is yet another great VR title coming to PlayStation VR, bolstering the head-mounted display’s (HMDs) line up going into 2018. We previously heard that up to 280 VR titles will be available for PlayStation VR by the end of 2018, and there could be even more we’re yet to hear of.

There are loads of interesting games coming to PlayStation VR, but Sony’s internal studios such as Supermassive Games developing experiences that can only be found on PlayStation VR are the ones which are most interesting to us thus far.

The Inpatient is finally not far away from launch, so you don’t have to be impatient for too much longer. Good news to anyone who disappointed by the delay from the earlier announced launch date of late 2017.

The Inpatient looks fantastic and of course you can see even more of it below. Let us know what you think, and make sure to keep reading VRFocus for all of the latest PlayStation VR developments.

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