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Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter

HTC Vive’s O’Brien: “We’ve been listening to developers. We’ve been listening to consumers.”

Vive’s GM of The Americas talks to VRFocus about everything the company revealed last night at CES.

If you’ve struggled to keep track of everything going on so far during this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show – better known as CES 2018 – I certainly wouldn’t blame you. Last night, which included press conferences from the likes of Qualcomm, HTC for the HTC Vive and Sony to name but a few were an avalanche of news stories, announcements, surprise declarations of new partnerships and products. That doesn’t even count all the other announcements dished out by companies via email and press release.

Perhaps the biggest news coming out of the field of immersive technology was from HTC Vive and the announcement of the latest iteration of the Vive head mounted display (HMD) – although that’s not to say they had a monopoly on big virtual reality (VR) news last night. An upgrade on the original consumer version, the royal blue headset known as the HTC Vive Pro was revealed to be the answer behind the company’s “New Years Resolution” tease from the beginning of the year. Upon taking it for a test run VRFocus found that whilst an incremental update over the original one area that was notably improved was audio quality. You can read our HTC Vive Pro hands-on here.

As well as the new Vive Pro, HTC also revealed an official wireless solution for the HTC Vive in the form of the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter, something that again VRFocus was able to get hands-on with. Although in this instance it was decidedly less impressive than the Vive Pro.

After the conference VRFocus‘ roving reporter Nina Salomons grabbed HTC Vive’s General Manager for the Americas Region, Daniel O’Brien for a chat about what they’ve announced, what they’ve revealed and why they’ve done so. Going into some of the technology behind and inside the Vive Pro as well as HTC’s third major reveal at this year’s CES – the Viveport VR update to their existing Viveport service.

“We’ve been listening to developers. We’ve been listening to consumers.” Says O’Brien on the creation of the Vive Pro, later adding that the feedback so far on what the HMD can do has been very positive. “Especially when it comes to the resolution and the audio. Just that spacial experience on the audio and the immersion level.”

You can watch the interview below to find out much more about O’Brien’s thoughts and what Vive have in store for 2018.  VRFocus will, of course, be bringing you more information regarding the Vive Pro and everything announced this year at CES as soon as we get it.

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