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New VR Entertainment Studio Atlas V Have Big Plans for 2018

Antoine Cayrol gives us a good idea of what to expect from Atlas V in 2018.

We are always crying out for more unique and interesting ways to view and interact with entertainment in virtual reality (VR) and thankfully, the sector is expanding every day. Proof of that is Antoine Cayrol and his new studio Atlas V, who are working to make new, immersive entertainment in VR.

Atlas V is founded by a group of talented desingers and producers. Antoine Cayrol and Pierre Zandrowicz have worked on I, Philip and Alteration, Fred Volhuer is from Shuttershades, and Arnaud Colinart has worked on Notes on Blindness.

The studio will debut their first works, Martin Allais’ Battlescar and Eliza McNitt’s Spheres, at Sundance’s New Frontier. Sundance has had some impressive displays on VR experiences and movies, with Sam Macaroni, a VR filmmaker, telling VRFocus; “Going to Sundance this year was amazing because the VR buzz was overwhelming. Everywhere I went people we talking about it. The New Frontier program has grown to become a major presence at the festival in just a few short years. We really are at the beginning of a new media form.”

Battlescar follows a Puerto-Rican-American called Lupe living in New York City in 1978, where she finds trouble but eventually finds a new identity in the punk rock underworld. Starring Rosario Dawson and directed by Nico Casavecchia, in addition to Allais, they hope the new medium will help immerse people in their coming of age tale.

In our interview below with Atlas V’s Antoine Cayrol, he tells us about who the company are, what projects the company are working on, while alluding to some big projects planned for the next year, and even explains the Atlas V business model. The new company has developed quite the buzz around both Battlescar and Spheres. Both are debuting at the Sundance Film Festival, where Atlas V hope the studio will gain renown for their high quality experiences.

On the Chinese market, it’s an attractive prospect for Antoine Cayrol and Atlas V, but the market is so different from in the West that Chinese fans might be kept waiting for a while.

Watch the full interview below, and for more updates on Atlas V, keep reading VRFocus.

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