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Noveto Enhances Virtual Reality Without Headphones

Noveto showcases personalised 3D audio.

The CES event can hold many brand new innovations, and sometimes you find or experience something that you realise is truly innovative. At CES 2018, Las Vegas, VRFocus had a chance to try out Noveto Systems’ Sowlo, a hands-free system of personalised sound which requires no accessories on your hands, head, eyes or face.


VRFocus spoke with Tomer Shani, CEO of Noveto Systems, who stated that they have developed ‘virtual headphones’. In other words, it gives the user the experience or sensations of wearing headphones without physically having any headphones or earphones on. You physically don’t have to wear any accessories at all. Co-operating with Dell, Noveto Systems has worked together to create a computer system that has all-in-one Noveto software. The devices have tracking technology that is able to track the user’s eyes, ears and face and emit audio directly into your ears. The surreal moment comes when others walk into the room or are in the same room as you, and hear absolutely nothing.

Shani explains that they showcased this at Gamescom, Cologne, last year and received overwhelmingly positive feedback; especially from streamers and gamers who are used to sitting for hours with headphones on. It’s not only useful for gaming, but for conference calls as well. No longer do you have to isolate yourself from a room, or your surroundings in order to hear something: you can just concentrate your attention to the conference call or the videogame you’re playing without the fear of missing out on what is happening around you.

At CES Noveto Systems showcased Sowlo in a vehicle. Shani explains that Noveto Systems are planning for the future of autonomous cars where each individual has their own audio zone. In other words, if your children each have their own screens and do not want to watch the same show/film, wear headphones, or the parents want to be able to talk to them during the journey, Sowlo would allow this.

When it comes to using Sowlo for augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), Shani says that the technology enables ‘true 3D sound’. So, when you move your head from side-to-side with headphones, the audio follows you. However, when you use the Sowlo system that specific sound stays at an allocated location; when you are in a VR space, and various Sowlo systems are implemented into a location, sound can not only be shared without headphones but be spatialised as well.

Besides the all-in-one Dell computer, Noveto Systems are focusing on devices for individual use cases rather than multiple. This means for PC’s that would be used at home, cars or gaming. They will come at a very expensive price tag and will be coming to the market at the end of 2018. When it comes to VR and AR though, Shani says that the ‘3D capabilities look like a perfect match’ and when asked about the future he says that they’ll be going everywhere.

To find out more watch the video below.

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