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Pac-Man Recreated in Mixed Reality

A Japanese Arcade is bringing Pac-Man into Mixed Reality with new attraction.

There has been a minor trend in developers re-creating iconic videogames in immersive formats recently. From the HoloLens developer who managed to make the original Super Mario Bros into an interactive mixed reality (MR) experience in New York’s Central Park, to the high-end virtual reality (VR) arcade offering Mario Kart VR. Another Japanese arcade has also delved into the retro videogame world to bring Pac-Man into mixed reality.

The arcade and amusement centre NamjaTown in Ikebukuro, Tokyo has created a new attraction that blends retro videogames with modern technology as part of the Namjatown x MR Project. The first installment of the project is titled Pac-In-Town and features a re-interpretation of classic arcade title Pac-Man on Microsoft’s HoloLens MR platform.

As pretty much everyone remotely familiar with videogames knows, Pac-Man involves guiding a disc-shaped character around a maze, gobbling up dots whilst being pursued by ghosts. Pac-In-Town turns this concept into a life-sized experience with a human-sized labyrinth, with dots reimagined as cookies to make them more identifiable. To clear the level, all the cookies must be eaten within the time limit – something made more complex by the ominous, brightly coloured ghosts dogging your every move.

While full details are yet to be revealed, a video shown on the official Namjatown Twitter shows multiple colours of Pac-Man with progress indicators, suggesting that multiplayer may be possible, further backed up by hints that voice chat may be available from within the experience.

Pac-In-Town is due to run from 15th January until 28th February, 2018. It will be open on weekdays between 5pm and 10pm. The experience is only available with pre-bought tickets. Further information can be found on the official Namjatown Arcade website.

A second MR experience for the Namjatown x MR Project is already being developed, VRFocus will bring you further news on its progress as it becomes available.

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