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Blade Runner: Revelations screenshot

Seismic Games Discuss Blade Runner: Revelations: Story, Gameplay & Release

Blade Runner: Revelations is coming to Google Daydream, but where does it fit in the franchise?

The revelation of a Google Daydream exclusive Blade Runner videogame was one of the biggest announcements for virtual reality (VR) at CES 2018, Las Vegas, earlier this month. Seismic Games has partnered with Alcon Media Group and Google for a unique perspective on the Blade Runner franchise, and VRFocus endeavoured to find out more about Blade Runner: Revelations direct from the source.

Blade Runner: Revelations screenshot

Following CES 2018, VRFocus spoke with Trey Watkins, Creative Director at Seismic Games, about Blade Runner: Revelations. How did the project start? Where does it lay within the Blade Runner franchise? How is VR used to create a unique Blade Runner experience? The answers to these questions and more follow in the question and answer session below, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Blade Runner: Revelations.

Trey Watkins, Seismic Games


VRFocus: How does Blade Runner: Revelations tie-in to the Blade Runner movies?

Trey Watkins [TW]: Blade Runner: Revelations takes place shortly after the first movie in the events surrounding the time of the Blackout and Prohibition.  Gaff & Holden both anchor the Blade Runner unit as this new tale of a Replicant conspiracy unfolds.  As this is a story-based game I’ll leave the rest for you to discover once we launch.

VRFocus: Can you tell us more about the player’s character, Harper?

TW: Harper is an experienced Blade Runner but serves as a noir vessel for the player’s own decisions.  The role of Harper adapts to the player’s choices and allows for distinct alliances and outcomes through the unfolding story.  In the demo revealed at CES, the player was teleported between pre-determined ‘hotspots’ and able to interact with a small amount of items.

VRFocus: What other gameplay mechanics will be included in Blade Runner: Revelations?

TW: Blade Runner: Revelations will include a variety of gameplay mechanics including: exploration, character interaction/conversations, shooting, object discovery and VK & Esper investigations.

VRFocus: Why did you opt to build a Google Daydream experience over a PC based HMD?

TW: Alcon & Seismic strongly believe in the broad appeal of the mobile VR platforms.  Using Seismic’s skill in bringing cutting edge 3D experiences to mobile, we felt we could push the Daydream platform to deliver a PC level experience in an untethered VR platform that is extremely accessible to millions of players.

Lenovo Mirage Solo with DaydreamVRFocus: Will Blade Runner: Revelations come pre-installed on the Lenovo Mirage Solo?

TW: Blade Runner: Revelations will be a featured launch title on the Levovo Mirage Solo platform.

VRFocus: Is Blade Runner: Revelations exclusive to the Lenovo Mirage Solo, or will it be available for other Google Daydream compatible HMDs?

TW: Blade Runner: Revelations will also be available in the Google Daydream store.

VRFocus: How did the partnership with Alcon Media Group and Google for Blade Runner: Revelations come about?

TW: Alcon & Google had been discussing the exciting opportunity of bringing the Blade Runner universe to life on Daydream VR and we were fortunate to be on the very short list of developers capable of realising this exciting vision.  The three-way partnership showed great promise from the beginning and we are excited to be launching this in collaboration with Alcon & Google.

VRFocus: Seismic Games acquired Grue Games for AR/VR projects in 2016. Is Blade Runner: Revelations related to this purchase? Can we expect more VR from Seismic Games in the future?

TW: Blade Runner: Revelations leveraged the talents of both Grue & Seismic developers in the new merged Seismic team.  You can be certain that Seismic remains dedicated to delivering both an amazing Blade Runner VR game as well as continuing to stay at the leading edge of development, as the VR genre blossoms.

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