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SimforHealth CES2018

SimforHealth to Demonstrate Multi-User VR Medical Training at CES 2018

Medical training takes another leap forward.

Just like the last couple of years, CES 2018 is expected to be filled with the latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) innovations from across the world. These aren’t necessarily to do with entertainment and videogames however.  SimforHealth, a company that specialises in medical training using virtual solutions, has announced it’ll be on the show floor to demonstrate its multi-user VR medical training software thanks to an invitation from HTC Vive.


Based on a virtual clinical case developed in partnership with Stanford Medicine, Simforhealth’s multi-user VR solution looks to highlight the importance of team work and collaboration in healthcare practice training.

For this 2018 version, the participant will be immersed in an operating simulation in the role of an intern in medicine at the University of Stanford and, working together with the instructor, will have to prepare for placement of a stent. From the anesthesia to the operation, all steps will be guided by ultrasound.

“The tool allows an operation scenario to be rehearsed several times before actually starting the procedure,” explains Oliver Gardinetti, the CTO at SimforHealth in a statement.

SimforHealth CES2018

Beyond providing a complete reconstitution of the environment in 3D, with a life-like virtual patient, the educational objective of this functionality is to highlight the importance of communication in health care situations. “In medicine, it is important to be able to work together, both for decision making and for carrying out joint procedures,” adds Dr Vincent Varlet, VicePresident and Medical Director of SimforHealth.

Initially developed with the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Medicine at Stanford and Dr. Oliver Aalami, this model of collaborative clinical cases in VR is a new advance in the development of MedicActiV – an international platform for consultation and distribution of virtual clinical cases, dedicated to the training of health care professionals. Health care training establishments also have the possibility of creating and distributing their own clinical cases, thereby facilitating the sharing and spread of health care knowledge to address the challenges of accessing and updating this information.

VRFocus will continue to report on all facets of VR, keeping you updated on the latest advancements.

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