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Tactical Monsters

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Coming to iOS With ARKit Features

The AR features aren’t for the main battle arena.

A couple of months ago Camex Games launched a monster battle title called Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena for PC and Android devices with no virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) capabilities. Now, the studio has revealed the combat role-playing game (RPG) is coming to iOS devices, and with it support for ARKit.

Tactical Monsters Big Foot

As the name suggests, Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is about building up a team of fantasy creatures such as Franky the Frankenstein, Medusa, Griffin, WuKong, Mummy, Bigfoot, Nobu the ghost samurai and many more. Each monster has their own unique background with a unique set of skills such as magic, physical, or even world-ending skills.

With the launch on iOS, Camex Games will be including iPhone X support, 3D Touch, Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards, Apple Watch support, iMessage Emojis, ReplayKit support for sharing screens and game video, and Live Streaming. So with Game Center Continuity for example gamers can play between their Apple smartphones and tablets, along with the Mac OS version which will also be available for download from the Mac App Store soon.

As for the AR support, what the studio has done is build an additional mode that lets you take the Yeti out into the real world – rather than letting you fight the monsters in your living room. So you can capture the creature in ridiculous moments whilst you’re out and about and then share these with friends.

Tactical Monsters 1

This type of additional AR feature is likely to become more commonplace – especially on iOS – as developers seek to learn what AR is capable off, whilst adding further content to engage and entertain players in new ways.

You can pre-order Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena from the iTunes Store now, with Camex Games rewarding players with a special one-time Promo Pack of 500 Gems to help you become a tactical PvP master. All you need to do to get your 500 Gem Promo Pack is to follow Camex on Discord, and post your Player ID in the special chat room.

As more ARKit content becomes available VRFocus will continue to keep you updated.

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