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The Dream VR Brings Hours of Video Content to Pico Devices

Pico Goblin and Pico Neo owners are about to get a lot of videos to watch.

With the demand for more video content on virtual reality (VR) devices higher than ever, it’s only natural that head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers would partner with video streaming services to get their users the biggest possible array of content to enjoy. In case it wasn’t obvious from that intro and the title, that’s exactly what Pico Interactive are doing in a partnership with The Dream VR.

Pico Neo

The Dream VR is a 360 video and VR video distribution platform, and their partnership with Pico Interactive will bring over 150 channels of video content to Pico devices.

Owners of the Pico Goblin and Pico Neo HMDs will be very pleased with the news, and can look forward to hours of content later this Spring 2018.

It wasn’t long ago we found out about uSens partnering with Pico for hand-tracking in mobile VR, and it seems like Pico aren’t done expanding and enhancing the VR experience for both existing and future users.

“We are really excited to continue adding amazing content to our platforms,” said Pico Interactive VP of Business Development, Paul Viglienzone. “With standalone headsets taking over the 2018 market, our lineup of all-in-one headsets is a perfect match to host the Dream VR’s premium original content library.”

The Dream VR platform provides sports, music, food and entertainment and enables viewers to enjoy it all in VR.

Albert Palay in the CEO and Founder of The Dream VR, and is glad their content can be brought ot a whole new audience; “The Dream VR team could not be more thrilled about our global partnership with Pico Interactive, Inc. With Pico’s lineup of world-class all-in-one headsets, it has never been easier to dive into our library of amazing virtual spaces and experiences.”

The Dream VR is available right now for users of the Pico Goblin in the United States and Europe, with users around the world expected to receive The Dream VR at a later date. Pico Neo HMDs, meanwhile, should receive all of the video content The Dream VR has to offer later this Spring.

We can’t wait to see the kinds of content The Dream VR will make available. For all the latest news on what you can expect on your VR HMD, keep reading VRFocus.

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