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The Rogue Initiative Release First Gameplay Footage for Steel Cobras

Aerial destruction awaits in this 2-player co-op VR shooter.

Several months ago Los Angeles-based production studio The Rogue Initiative (Crowe: The Drowned Armory) revealed its first location-based virtual reality (VR) project Steel Cobrasan on-rails flying shooter. Now the company has released the first gameplay footage showcasing what’s in store.

Steel Cobras

The Rogue Initiative has created Steel Cobras in partnership with MediaMation and its MX4D Motion Effects chairs. The  immersive 2-player co-op VR shooter puts players in control of a massive gunships armaments, able to rain destruction down on enemies with a selection of weaponry.

As the gameplay video below highlights, as players fly through the level they’ll face an onslaught of ground and aerial enemies. At their disposal are machine guns and explosive rockets to blow up fortifications, other gunships, tanks and anything else in their way.

The big draw for the experience is the inclusion of MediaMation’s MX4D Motion Effects chairs which include a myriad of haptic feedback sensations such as rumble functions, neck ticklers, a back poker, scent dispensers, air and water blasts built into the arm rests and leg ticklers.

Steel Cobras 1

The Rogue Initiative and MediaMation debuted Steel Cobras at the International Association of Amusement Parks Attractions Expo 2017 (IAAPA Expo) in Orlando, Florida last year.

Describing what the videogame is all about, Pete Blumel, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of The Rogue Initiative has said: “The experience will put you in the gunner’s seat of the feared Steel Cobra gunship on a high-speed trench run in high, fist-pumping style. We took the latest technology in interactive VR and blended it with a 80s nostalgia to create a fun-filled co-op experience that thrills your senses.”

Currently, neither The Rogue Initiative or MediaMation have confirmed when or where Steel Cobras will be made publicly available, whether it’ll be a VR arcade in California or possibly somewhere like a cinema.

For those wishing to see the quality of The Rogue Initiative’s VR work then you can try Crowe: The Drowned Armory for either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive via the Oculus Store or Steam. For any further updates on Steel Cobras, keep reading VRFocus for the latest VR announcements.

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