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Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter

Vive Videos Recap Everything Shown Off at CES 2018

If you weren’t at CES 2018 you can get the best bits right here.

CES 2018, Las Vegas, has just been and gone, and needless to say it displayed all the future technology we can expect to see in stores in the next few years. High end PCs, new HTC Vive headsets, new control devices, new HTC head-mounted displays (HMDs) and more and given the recap treatment in their CES 2018 videos.

Whether it’s untethered gaming or or interesting new methods of CAD, you can find it on HTC Vive in the near future. Meshroom lets users manipulate 3D models. Kinequantum want to make software for rehabilitation and physical therapy – incredibly noble causes for the Vive platform.

Cyberpower PC also show off their fanciest cases and most impressive water cooling set ups – they’ll definitely deliver an amazing virtual reality (VR) gaming experience, but at a cost. Meanwhile Zotac’s gaming PC backpack is incredibly promising for VR roaming.

The day 2 recap shows off some impressive VR helicopter tech which includes users sitting in a real cockpit, which is sure to give users a lasting impression. Sector 5’s air taxi system is fascinating, though we do wonder how viable it is.

Gigabyte have more PC options including a mini PC which can easily power VR gaming, and they have GPUs with an extra HDMI header which you use for VR applications.

Black Box VR also showed how fitness and gaming can be paired with their new full-body workout technology. Promising for anyone who would like to lose some weight while gaming.  You can read our own hands-on with the system here.

And on day 3 they take a look at new VR product design software which can be used for commercial and industrial design.

Nvidia show off the Holodeck VR platform with some of their custom hardware. You can already try Holodeck in early access, but it’s good to hear Nvidia have strong plans for the future.

HTC Vive had an incredible CES 2018 with the announcement of the HTC Vive Pro and, of course, all of the above. We looked at the HTC Vive Pro, and said; “The Vive Pro is essentially a small update to the HTC Vive, but in the areas that actually really matter. It’s hard to say anything discouraging about the changes to the HMD as they are all for the better – some more so than others – and to many of VR’s early-adopters will be seen as the right step forward for Vive to be making.”

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