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Waffle is the New Home for VR Animation on Gear VR

We’ve got trailers for Waffle and its three new VR animation series.

Virtual reality (VR) is the ideal home for 3D animation. It doesn’t take animators many tweaks for their 3D animations to be viewable in VR, giving head-mounted display (HMD) owners a whole new way to experience 3D animation. Now, Waffle is launching on Gear VR, and it promises to be the new hub for original VR animations, and even boasts the first animated VR series. We’ve got a bunch of trailers for you to have a look at the new animations in action.

Waffle is available now on Gear VR for free, and you can view new animations and new series on it. They boast voice actors from reputable shows like Bob’s Burgers, Veep, The Mick and more.

Water Bear is what Waffle claims to be the first animated VR series about a bear that fell off a party boat and decided to live underwater. He has a variety of funky underwater friends, and is sure to have some comedic hijinks.

Dessert Island on the other hand follows Conan the ice cream and his pal Fred the chocolate bar. Get it? It’s not a desert island. It’s Dessert Island.


Fred honestly looks like he’s having some kind of existential crisis throughout most of it, though that could be us projecting.

And finally there’s All-Star Party, a series about a party. Everyone there is a star. By which I mean literally. It’s the #1 party in the Universe, and everyone loves it – well, we think they do at least.

Waffle basically offers free VR animations and will likely have many more shows and episodes in the future. The trailers don’t exactly give us much indication of whether or not any of them are actually funny, but if you have a Gear VR you can download it right now to find out for yourself.

Waffle offers animations with attitude and we’re eager, if hesitant, to take a look for ourselves.  Whatever is happening things are about to get pretty weird on Gear VR.

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